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Originally Posted by joshl7889 View Post
I had an experience similar to this, except 2 of the 5 of us went right instead of left. Naturally we failed the optional and it took us a good 35 minutes to compete the mission because the 2 that went left refused to follow direction. This has been a common problem for a while now. Ever since STO opened up in Europe. I have nothing against people over there, but when they come in and not follow the proper tactics, how is anything going to get done. The people that screw the missions up completely ignore you. If you screw up, yeah okay. Just say so and the rest of the team will, or at least i would hope, would understand. I was in an ISE the other night when someone blew a generator too early, and a KDF player in a carrier proceeded to run her mouth rather than attack with the rest of us. That is not really necessary either. ISE is the easiest of the 3 elite space STF's. There should be no reason that the optional is failed. Im a Tactical ship, i attack the generators, but after they are all gone, i go and stop the spheres with my repulsors and theta radiation. Buying the rest of my team time to, hopefully, destroy the transformer. Grated usually this is a suicide run for my ship, but it works. Im Just Sayin
Since STO opened in Europe? You mean, since the start of the game? And if you are flying a tactical ship, why are you rushing off to get yourself killed instead of doing your job and helping destroy the transformer?