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12-07-2012, 03:19 AM
I tried PeanutLabs and SponsorPay. Both companies threw me a few bones... I mean, ZEN. Summed up it might even be about 1000 ZEN over the course of three months, but for those I have done surveys, lotteries etc. worth at least 5000 ZEN on paper. But don't you think it was that easy... I had to write about three to five tickets/mails per offer to get those about 20% of the promised ZEN.
What I DID get really easily were (and are) about 200 (no exaggeration) spam mails and about 5 spam phone calls a day (from early morning 'til about 8pm, even on weekends!).

The PW support did exactly what I expected: Tell me it's not their responsibility what their partners do or don't do.