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12-07-2012, 03:20 AM
I'd just like to say just one thing. And it is: Recluse.

Recluse versus Atrox:

Hull: Recluse (43500 versus 40500)

Shields: Recluse (1.35 versus 1.2)

Turn rate: Recluse (5.5 versus 5.0)

Consoles: Recluse (2 tac, 4 eng, 4 science, versus 2 tac, 3 eng, 4 science)

BOFF layout: Recluse, for 90% of possible builds
LTC Engineer versus LTC engineer
LTC science versus LTC science
CMD Universal versus CMD Science
EN tactical versus LT tactical
EN science versus --

....So basically the recluse changes 1 "hard" slot from tactical to science, but you get a universal commander which I think is actually unique outside of Birds of Prey. You have a LOT of options here. Recluse with a commander engineer is an unkillable fortress/heavy flight deck cruiser, while slotting a commander tactical gives you some exciting potential with APB and the awe-inspiring "heavy disruptor" version of the thermionic torpedo. And, of course, you can throw in a science guy to fill the same role as the Atrox is forced to from birth.

Does the Atrox offer anything at all? Well, yes. The biggest thing is the advanced stalkers. These fighters are very mean. None of the pets that the Recluse can use, not even the Widows it comes with, will quite measure up. And the Atrox has nicer power bonuses: It gives +5 power to shields and +10 to aux, compared to the Recluse's odd +5 power to engines and +5 to aux.

Still. Between its better durability, universal commander slot, and 10th console slot, you need a very specific reason to not choose Recluse over the Atrox.