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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
Personally, I pride myself on not getting caught-up in that kind to unnecessary chest thumping.

It's the humble guys/ gals that blow me apart in seconds that impress me. When I see them doing it consistently without the need to be known, I see the glimmer of the true magic of PvP at its raw potential.
Whether they kill me with raw skill or even a superfluous amount of cheese - as long as there's no bragging, etc, etc, etc - I take my lumps, try to get better, and come back for more.

With the skilled guys and gals, it kind of makes me think of all the "cool" heroes in various movies that just get the job done. It's something to be respected.

With the cheesefest folks, it's what Cryptic's done with the game - so it's what it is. May not like it, but as long as there's no bragging - it's easy to focus the disdain on Cryptic for their lack of concern and consideration for PvP. When they brag...well, I want to rip their legs off and club them about the face with their bloody appendages (no, not really - I'm not that kind of violent psycho... I take my meds, nicotine and caffeine - I'm all good)...

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