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12-07-2012, 03:38 AM
There was mention that S7 was originaly planned to be focused around the Gorn, but certain events shifted that focus to the Romulans.

With that in mind, can the KDF still have this idea implimented inorder prosper and flesh out their lack of content? There are many story opportunities, similar to the Gre'thor arc, that would be greatly appreciated KDF side. If done right (e.g. no grind fests but well written, well rounded story based missions), a Gorn centric arcwould really help the KDF grow, attract, and retain players.

On the note of Gorn, if the above were to happen, can we have a "Retro" Gorn and "New" Gorn crossover to reintroduce the Retros and explain the presence of the two different Gorn in the STO line?