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Originally Posted by wunjee View Post
Because if you look at the model, you can see that obviously there was supposed to be some degree of vertical movement in the nacelle pylons ("wings"), centered around a pivot-point.

One could even fit this into the lore by saying the Tor'Kaht was a Klingon experiment in warp efficiency in a large-ish ship, similar to Intrepid's moving nacelle pylons.

"Flat" when out of warp, "up" when at warp. Very similar to the Intrepid.
Have you ever built a 3-d model?

Because when you connect elements of different angles (especially of they are rather "flat") you need to have some kind if connection point or it will just look wrong or might produce clipping errors.
The simplest way to solve this problem is to use a cylindrical connection point.
I think you can imagine what that will look like.

In addition the Tor'kaht was originally designed and released as a mix-and-match model for the Vor'cha on the C-Store (in fact it was the only additional skin at the time).
That it was set up as a ship with moving parts makes no sense because it was mix and match with a ship that has no moving parts.
On the Intrepid, the additional skins all have the same characteristic: they have moving parts in the same place.
There is no mix and match in this game where the model of a ship with this feature is mixed with one that is without it.
And it makes no sense to set up a model to have a feature that will never be used under any circumstances.