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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
See there was another thread and merged it.

Sure these items able to be put on the Exchange? I just did a search and didn't find any (surely someone would've put them on the exchange by now). And I used the items themselves, so I wouldn't have a typo problem.
I found many on the exchange, BUT, they are NOT cheap - the sleigh bells are currentyl going for 380K each, for one. They are there, but because the event just started, people are buying them off the exchange very fast.

Wait for the event to get rolling mid december, hopefully prices will decline as peopel acquire more of these Holidays trinkets.

What gets me though, is why make those boxes that are purchased from teh ferengi "BOUND." There is no logical reason for doing so. Un-bind them and allow it for players to sell on the exchange.

Second, (providing these items are on the exchange), surely people would be price gouging to the point of madness, knowing fleets will be needing these to complete projects.
It is already happening, thats why CRYPTIC need to at least increase trinket drop rates "OR" make other means to acquire more. Un-Bind the Trinket Boxes

So why not have the Latinum Counter allow you to purchase the missing items after the Event is over?
hopefully they will implement this after the event is done and over with.