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Sorry for the post twice in the span of an hour, but I had a few other thoughts.

1. Any chance of ever getting robes available for KDF? My Starfleet character wears Robes with the Mercenary Set over it, and it looks incredible. Plus, I know it is possible for KDF because Kahless, Worf, and some of the station guards wear robes. The guards even wear the veteran shouldergear and capes. I would like to apply this look to my Ferasan as well.

2. Can we get looser fitting trousers for KDF? The skin-tight trousers look silly and horrid. In addition, they look even worse when paired with the Holiday Coats. (Thank you for the Coats by the way. They are EXACTLY the look my Ferasan needed! ) I was thinking, maybe something somewhat similar to the Jupiter Uniforms?

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Will there ever be any other ways to earn Lobi besides opening lockboxes?
3. That reminds me; Any chance of the Wells/Korath Temporal Uniform being made available for Zen. At 200(?) Lobi, it is entirely out of my realm. Plus, I have never spent 1 million EC on ANY individual item in the Exchange, so 200 million EC for the Korath is also out of my realm entirely. If I could buy for Zen, I would buy it immediately. The Korath trousers are exactly what I need for my Ferasan.

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