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12-07-2012, 04:16 AM
Well... then.. what have you done for me lately? Grind me some five dollah.

Also you spoke of moderation in the initial post, why not simply make it a rule of thumb where only one zstore/or other 'special console' thats not considered 'standard' be allowed on any fleet premade (or a 5 man team of people in the same fleet, not just premades) its not necessarily the console itself, but the number of the same ones methinks. almost like sci abilities used to be (ex. one person using ss3 vs team of ss3). dunno really, just tossing ideas out there for the brainstorming. got my support as always

edit: my line of thought got greyed when i started involving "what about about 5 copies of sci team?" so I edited all that out, time for sleep, but I look forward to where this thread will go tomorrow
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