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ah. so when one enters the boot camp how long will it be? when will people be allowed to be "recruited" by a pvp fleet.

will this information when its finalized, be posted so boot campers and fleets will know the rules on it?
I am planning to post a few general policies on the PvP Boot Camp website, which will touch on the following non-exhaustive list of issues:

- Recruitment (outside of official Boot Camp settings [namely, the monthly events themselves] coaches may do what they wish. I have no desire to micromanage people's behavior. But it is very important that the event itself is low pressure and that students don't feel like they are receiving advertisement within a session taht is meant to be solely dedicated to learning about PvP.

- Learning Environment: Emphasis will be on making each event a safe place where people can ask questions, receive feedback, and make mistakes, without fear of retribution, mocking, etc. from the coach.

- Curriculum/Teaching Style: Coaches will be given general guidelines for what should be taught, all of which will be based on a 4-part curriculum that is currently under development. But these guidelines will be general enough that teachers' personal style will be able to be expressed.

These are just a few things and I welcome any feedback on what I have written above. Please keep in mind, though, that the three points I give above are tentative and are in response to this particular thread's concern. Thanks again for the inquiries.

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