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12-07-2012, 05:36 AM
Added the Esclarent to my line-up, and she's now my flagship. The name comes from a subversion of Arthurian legend, where the Excalibur is actually 2 swords, the Caliburn, and the Esclarent -- the Sword in Stone, the Sword of Peace, and ironically, the sword that Mordred stole and used to mortally wound Arthuria Pendragon.

Considering that I RP as a shining example of a Vice Admiral whose big on diplomacy, and is also a Section 31 agent hiding in plain sight, the name Esclarent embodies my character in his entirety.

(No, I did not mispell Pendragon's name. )
Originally Posted by Lt. Comm. Pion
What should I wish upon the endless universe;
To be able to smile and forgive everything;
That's right, if we light up the dream in our hearts without averting our eyes;
We should be able to walk whatever tomorrow comes...

I am V. Adm. Kha Yuung, and I approve of this message.