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Originally Posted by bortjinx View Post
Hippiejon, that's genius
Couple more "tips" :

You can 'jump the gun' on the start and your opponent never will (from what I have seen).
Do this at a sprint and drop into a jog in any form, and just jog the whole thing using the already mentioned tips above in the thread. Easy Win.

If you choose to be a Devidian :

Can't sprint ever or you drop to the ice (Can still jump the gun), and there is some "slipping" but it's FAR easier than trying to run on the ice. No control issues whatsoever. Easiest I have tried. 4 of 6 toons so far.

Regarding being a different race :

Had Q change me, dropped into the Wonderland, strait to the coordinator, strait away to the race, managed to finish the race and get 10 steps from turning in my win by the time I changed back.

I will continue to share any other tips I find.

Also in regards to gathering all the collectibles.
Bortoicus told us all we need to know.

Snowman Fight ,
- every 30 minutes (Top and Middle of hour)
- Collectibles

PvP race
- 4 times per hour (15,22,45, and 52 minutes after the top of each hour)
- Winter Epoh Tags

The daily 'race' takes a run or 2 to figure out, and we're starting to see hints and tips here on the board. If I had thought about it, I could have found all I needed to know without trial and error.

Winter Event equals lots of silly fun, and a very generous and giving atmosphere from Cryptic in earning the items through play, and also providing the ability to just buy it, if the player is so inclined.

Overall, really big, enthusiastic thumbs up from this cynical old hippie.

Winter Event Rocks.