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Originally Posted by senshibat01 View Post
I was thinking then i ran into Q.. and i found myself PGC Bat in a winder wonderland in my
Warriors Best Fleet Red and Black. .
And what would i chance but to see?
A Rachel V in her johnsons blue finest.

So what to my eys did i behold
but a pile of untold snowballs
Vics rubs or snowballs for this cold war..

As Nemesischiken was nowhere to be see,,
i took the romulan bug sprayer off my jolly targ plether belt
and took me aim.. at and peaks
no wickets seen
as i bowled one over.

i did hop and wave and take one in return..
til the warning of snow men attackign
could soon be heard..

then it was tiem to dash away on the track they say..
for portrits of Q some Feringie doth wantith
and prehaps parthith with yon Breen ship
seams liek a nice place for these
Captured spolied Boffs of WAr
Teh sour puss Remun and the Daour Breen

WIN should be enjoyed served cold
You deserve the Win. You want the Win Mister Senshi bat? Here you go. You can have it.

< Coca -Cola music plays in the background. Mean Joe Green stands dejectedly in the background, jersey in hand, lips parched for a sip of Cola >

Go ahead you earned it!
Leonard Nimoy, Spock.....


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