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12-07-2012, 05:59 AM
This is quite pathetic to be honest, I play a few MMO's both sub charges and free to pay and they all come with a bank as standard (even SWTOR free to play has a bank ffs). A game like this must have a bank you simply can't play without one as a lot of missions require to have things to trade and what not.

I have done research and the game is simply not worth paying a sub fee for as there is still way to much you still have to pay for on top of that such as zen (used to buy ships which are ridiculously over priced, some cost as much as 8 quid if you do the math ffs) which can be converted into dilithium. I know they can be earned in game and others way but its just to long and painstaking to do this.

If your paying a sub fee ALL SHIPS should be FREE, you should however only be allowed ONE ship at a time and once chosen you keep it 'till next promotion, much better way to do it! (After all did Kirk have to pay for the enterprise lol)

Now if the monthly allowance was upped to 1000 zen and 2000 dilithium per month for the sub it may just be worth paying for, but that ain't gonna happen so my credit card staying in my pocket!

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