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12-07-2012, 06:29 AM
I use the video options to have my pets show names.

This is useful except when:

Set to "fire on my target", they all cluster up and 3 names are in "perfect overlap".
They fly out of my cone of vision, I frequently have them blasting generators while I'm watching the gateway for probes.
They scatter all over creation in intercept mode against 2 flight deck carriers in a Gorn fleet action

Dots, numbers, something would greatly help me know the status of my squadrons. I can't think of a single modern carrier that isn't getting updates of it's fighters and know what they are doing/up to...
Yes, I'm going here. Iconic / "hero" ships, I'm talking Galaxy/Defiant/Intrepid here you TNG-era fans, get a T6 version, then ALL the hero ships (Connie, Miranda, NX, etc.) need one too. I'm a ToS fan, and proud of it. This is a themepark, let me enjoy my ride or none of us deserve one...