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12-07-2012, 07:38 AM
As far as I'm aware there are no particular inherent benefits to matching types.

A tac in an escort will do most dps, through stacking damage buffs.
An eng/cruiser combo will be very durable, because of the combination of healing/resistance-buffing captain and boff skills.
A sci/sci combination will generally be great at the combination crowd control+(crowd) debuffing, leaving enemies vulnerable.


An engineer in an escort will be much more durable than a tactical captain, but do less dps.
A sci in an escort tends to do well in the debuffing department, taking advantage of the sensor scan and subnuc debuffs.
A tac in a cruiser will do more dps than an engineer, but be less durable.
A sci in a cruiser will take advantage of the scattering field for more tankability, and could spread debuffs like mad.
An engineer in a science vessel will be more durable, but have less direct debuffs available.
A tac in a science vessel will do more damage with both weapons and science abilities, but have less debuffs available.

And then there are some carriers and KDF ships than add even more variables...

Really, it just depends on your playstyle and preferences

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