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Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
Added the Esclarent to my line-up, and she's now my flagship. The name comes from a subversion of Arthurian legend, where the Excalibur is actually 2 swords, the Caliburn, and the Esclarent -- the Sword in Stone, the Sword of Peace, and ironically, the sword that Mordred stole and used to mortally wound Arthuria Pendragon.

Considering that I RP as a shining example of a Vice Admiral whose big on diplomacy, and is also a Section 31 agent hiding in plain sight, the name Esclarent embodies my character in his entirety.

(No, I did not mispell Pendragon's name. )
No, you didn't.

There is a series that has King Arthur's name as Arthuria (well, technically it's Arturia there, but still...). Of course, they also ran King Arthur through Rule 63, but that's neither here nor there.
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