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12-07-2012, 08:52 AM
I've got both the Atrox and the Recluse, and here's my take.

The Recluse is a much more powerful carrier. It's faster, more maneuverable, flexible BO layout, and the widow fighters are pretty darn good and don't cost extra dil. They're excellent against stationary unshielded targets in STFs. I actually think they're better DPS than peregrines although that's just a feel and not hard numbers. I saw a post saying that the beams are more powerful against stationary targets since the weapons are in arc more than peregrines with the dual cannons. Maybe that's it.

I still like flying the Atrox though. I like the BO layout better if you want to go strong science (Cdr Sci, LtC Sci, LtC Eng, Lt Tac vs. Cdr Sci, LtC Sci, LtC Eng, Ens Sci, Ens Tac, little too much sci and only one Ens Tac for my tastes). I think the Atrox is a much prettier ship, and the engine noise on the Recluse annoys me.

Yeah, not very strong stat reasons to fly the Atrox, but I'm happy flying it. I fly both whenever the mood suits.