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Originally Posted by captrott1 View Post
Well, they will say that there is an alternative in place if you miss a day and that is to use lobi to purchase the autographs. With the rubberbanding i was experiencing, i do not plan to do this for any of my characters. The ship isnt really something I am interested in.
You must not have ran the race last year, the track did not change and the same tricks still work this time around.

I ran the race 7 times last night an won all 7 times and was done in about 20 mins.

All you need to do is use the full sprint with the jump stop trick.

If you start to lose controll on the track just hit jump and do not touch your movement keys and you will come to a complete stop with no sliding.

You can sprint the long streches of the track to do distance between the NPC and use the jump stop when you have to make the harder turns and cut corners on some parts of the track.

Granted they did make the NPC run a bit faster this year but I was still able to leave them in the dust.

Good Luck to you!