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While I liked the idea of being able to preset your shuttle of choice and were able to move seemlessly into shuttle missions I do not like they way it works now.

First off you apparently are always in your shuttle.. No matter which ship you are in you are still in your shuttle. Your character information window still shows your shuttle as your ship. When you do elite content and need to repair it is even more clumsy you still have to tell it you want to use 1 repair part even if you want 1 injury which is bad enough and something i had been able to live with. but now you open the window and there is your shuttle not the ship you are in... then you have to select your ship then go through the whole process. basically you are adding an additional penalty for death to those who actually repair their injuries because it takes longer than the respawn timer to go through this process.

So I thought today i will just delete my shuttles and then there will not be a default shuttle... then when they are all gone i can add another and just not set it as default shuttle... NOPE it adds one in again.

So basically any toon i wish to do elite level content with i can not have a shuttle on. please either fix it to where we can set a primary ship or deselect the default shuttle.