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Fleet starbase questions:
  • Fleet Mark grind is more annoying than any other 'ingredient' for fleet projects. Could there be a boost to the Officer of the Watch daily since unlike the Foundry Investigate Officer Reports daily this is 1) wholly designed by the dev team, 2) rewards no dilithium, 3) is only for fleet members, 4) encourages people to visit their fleet holdings (and maybe make people feel easier about paying 200,000 dilithium for those weekly special projects).
  • Are there ways we'll be able to search for fleets based on factors like starbase level, number of members, and users active within a given period of time?
  • Are there any plans to make it so everyone in the fleet can see what project is queued without being able to change it (read-only), since fleets want people to know what to be prepared for but may not want virtually anyone being able to change which projects come next?
  • Can we get the name of our starbase to appear when doing missions like Starbase Blockade, Fleet Alert, etc. or for it to have an object name in the map instance when visiting the system in the Eta Eridani block?
The "solution" to the fleet mark grind is recruiting strangers to pillage and grief you.