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Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post
mimey, i think deleting or not using anything in the game is walking a path that will keep people away from agreeing on anything.

you go ahead, and use your snb doffs. i aim not to take anything away from anyone. but as i've stated in the accords, some one will notice you stripping their buffs.... and that will put your own future competitive game play at risk.

i would suggest being open about what you are running. be transparent. only 1v1 others with snb doffs, maybe take them completely off when you face an unexperienced pug. or, keep them on there when you notice a few good pilots on the other end. you will most likely only have to remember a few dozen names.

i, myself have attack pattern doffs, giving me 100% uptime on attack patterns....pretty sick right. and im not giving them up. they are great, and ive adapted my playstyle to them.
True indeed, but that was more a rhetorical question than anything else. It was more meant for you to ask it to yourself if you really would do it.

I said in my previous post, I wasn't going to use them in the first place...well, not use them in PvP that is. I have more important space DOFFs that I use on the character I bought them on. So there's no need to worry or fuss about that from me.

Attack Pattern DOFFs, eh? I know how good they can be, to always have Omega 3 up, along with the others. But it's easy to give up one thing, but not another. You say they are part of your play style, and that's perfectly ok. I'm just bringing up the point that 'that's not ok, but what I do is ok', or that's how it seems to look to me.

Now don't misunderstand all this, I do like this whole idea you have here Horizon, I'm just keeping a seperate, 'outsiders' view on this whole thing.