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Well, I made an Alien Sci Captain. Traits: Accurate, Efficient Captain, Astrophysicist and Warp Theorist.

This is the build I am shooting for.

I do not have have the Fleet Intrepid yet but I plan to get one when I can.

In the fore I have a dual plasma beam array and two plasma torp launchers. In the back, I have a regular plasma beam array and two plasma mine launchers. For tac consoles, I have stuff that buffs damage on plasma projectiles.

I basically spam the mines/torps, tractor/drain shields and use the beams to disable systems. I based this off that Cygone Intrepid build and some Pyro Build but changed them a bit.

I wanna stick to the Intrepid hull for the looks. The layout seems like it lends itself well to all-around builds (which I like) but I am new and may be mistaken.

I mostly aim to do solo PVE but I would like to do some occaisonal grouping later. I do not care too much about PvP - so drains sucking there does not concern me too much.

For the ground, I like to do debuffing and light healing (Analyst Kit). I tend to have a Betazoid away team member that handles the heavier heals, an engineer that sets up shields/turrets and a couple tac guys (one of which who melees).

This is working well now (level 34) but what about later. Good? Bad? So-so? Any guidance would be great.