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12-07-2012, 10:29 AM
Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
True indeed, but that was more a rhetorical question than anything else. It was more meant for you to ask it to yourself if you really would do it.

I said in my previous post, I wasn't going to use them in the first place...well, not use them in PvP that is. I have more important space DOFFs that I use on the character I bought them on. So there's no need to worry or fuss about that from me.

Attack Pattern DOFFs, eh? I know how good they can be, to always have Omega 3 up, along with the others. But it's easy to give up one thing, but not another. You say they are part of your play style, and that's perfectly ok. I'm just bringing up the point that 'that's not ok, but what I do is ok', or that's how it seems to look to me.

Now don't misunderstand all this, I do like this whole idea you have here Horizon, I'm just keeping a seperate, 'outsiders' view on this whole thing.
mimey, i love your contributions to the thread, thank you!

but thats what i am trying to do, take away the "i like this and not that" stuff that divides us all.

if everything is okay, but in moderation....then, everyone respects one another.... so much more good game play will start to happen!

.....or at least, thats what i hope.

a year ago there were 3-5 great fleets battling it out daily. we don't have close to that now.

i encourage you to get on to Pax's teamspeak sometime tonight. i will be on sometime around 9ish EST. they are all great guys. and they already fly this way. because maxing your build and focusing on timing and piloting is the most rewarding part of PVP!

have fun kill bad guys