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# 1 Players accord organization?
12-07-2012, 10:46 AM
Posted this in another thread, but it was so long and quite a bit different than what horizon wanted to discuss, I decided to move it over here instead:

The idea of an accord for the good of pvp "fun" factor goes is a rear idea, but as previously stated, it's hard to enforce. If and when it comes to fruition, what do you do about the people that don't want to live by this code? Perhaps it's time to take another giant leap forward in putting our egos aside for the betterment of pvp? It's a radical idea, but if the community truly came together and put aside our differences and egos, here's an idea that could work.

Take the number of serious pvp players that want to make a change not only for the fun of pvp for themselves, but for the betterment of the entire game. Start an organization, perhaps called something like "players accord" or something. Get a neutral party to then start a fleet and a chat channel with the same name as the organization. Everyone that signs up for the fleet gets access to the channel, and everyone in the fleet has an equal vote as to rules set on p2w, broken abilities, and so on. This "accord" that players got on and agree to obey is obeyed within the fleet or else the player is warned and the final offense is being kicked out of the fleet and the chat channel. (Obviously the set of rules, warnings, etc would have to be worked put by the accord voting on them).

The strength of this idea comes from the amount of players that join and want to make a difference. Once it's up and running, the accord can then start having private matches among themselves that are nice clean matches. No preset rules need to be set up with long amounts of time to change out builds to accommodate the rules because everyone within the accord is already following the accords guidelines. The magic happens when there's enough players in the accord l to not have to queue up anymore be wise they can just run accord private matches instead and get a clean higher skill level match. Once this starts to happen, the players left in the regular queues will hopefully get bored of slow queue times due to lack of players and join the accord.

This will also make the queues a little more fun for newer players coming into pvp since a lot of the better players will hopefully be in private matches. If they're getting facerolled by the holdouts that don't want to give up their cheese, they can be directed to the "accords" website (I'm jumping ahead here a bit) to see what the accords about and to join.

Problems I see:

1: EGO. Most E1 wants to represent their fleet. Maybe it's time we move past it? It would be dumb to completely abandon your fleet and its base progress, so leaving toons in it would be encouraged. You just can't participate in accord matches with that toon. This is an important rule to strengthen the accords numbers. The more toons the accord has, the stronger the organization becomes.

Also the rule set. A large group of people will never 100% agree. This is why a voting process with everyone having an equal way is so important. The problem with ego is some may leave the accord if they don't get their way. Some people just can not comprise for the bigger picture. It's just the way it is

2: who starts it? The community will have to find a dedicated person level headed person. This person will have admin rights, but will have no more say in voting than anyone else. They are the only ones who can punish anyone within the group unless the accord feels like he needs someone to help once the organization becomes large enough.

3. It will only succeed on the work of its members. The most important thing for it to work will be running private matches over queues as much as possible. We need to keep the queues as empty as possible to get more players to join. Personally, I'll take a 3v3 provate match over a pugstomp match in the queues any day.

I know this is kind of a stretch of an idea, but it would show that we as a community could come together and make this world (of Sto) a better place. Ideas?