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Notice how the PvE experience is largely spent talking on repairing? That's because the Norgh blows up if you look at it wrong.
It's wht you know going in on the purchase-less hull than a Runabout-but I GOT in the habit of carrying repair parts in a Hegh'ta because I do ALL my PvE content on "Elite" difficulty-even episode content, Foundry missions, etc. etc. (rewards are better than "Normal"), and sometimes you just can't AVOID blowing up-esp. when you're going to have every mob on the map actively after your ass.

which, if you're actually doing a decent amount of DPS when you de-cloak, you will.

Beyond that, though-if you can fly a Norgh/Fleet Norgh, everything else* is easier, because the same reflexes that 'reduce your costs' in a Fleet Norgh work to your advantage in a Ki'Tang, Hegh'ta, B'rel, or Hoh'sus.

If you're stuck without access to pre-S7 equipment (I've got an engie alt in a B'rel-R who's in this situation), your "Second best" hardware choice (until you actually have ground the world for Rep bits we used to get from just playing STF's a lot) is probably going to be one of three:

Breen Set
Jem'Hadar set
or (If you Craft LOTS) Aegis set.

Observations on the Breen set on a BoP: it does marginally shorten your B-Off cooldowns, and seems to make Transphasics work better on my Engie's B'rel-somewhat better, not much, and it's got a good 'airspeed' in Impulse mode. the energy drain is mulch though-you're better off using actual bridge officer powers, however, it does point to what you should be doing weapons/consoles and Bridge Powers wise-a drain build. Doing a drain build on a BoP is dicey, esp. if you're going to PvP with it-it becomes a situation where you NEED a teammate/wingman to take advantage QUICKLY of what you're doing.

Likewise if you're doing a Minelayer/Torp build B'Rel-most opposition isn't going to sit still for your mines to pound them into cheetoes, and even the BEST torps don't do much against someone whose shields aer up and hull is healthy, so if you're stuck with the Breen set until you get something better, you NEED to be teaming up with someone else in Ker'rat, and playing "Force multiplier" rather than "Flight Lead".

(though Tric mines with DPB can be quite nice as gifts for the Fedball that likes to camp the spawn.)

The Jemmy set's kind of gimped as has been noticed before, but it DOES give you a slight boost to your structural integrity, and IS set up to work with a Polaron layout, which can be of some help until you can afford the Maco/KHG/Borg sets or your fleet manages to get the MkXII parts into the starbase store.

Which brings us to the 'Other" Non-Reputation parts;

Fleet bits. There's actually quite a variety, you don't get "Set bonuses" with them, but the gear (Deflectors/engines/shields) are good, and if you shop a bit and do some math before you spend the FC/Dilithium, it's actually pretty easy to put together a first-class rig for a BoP (I ran a set for a while on my Sci's Ki'Tang last season when I was with that big fleet of green people I left recently) based on what your weapons pack, D-Offs, and B-Offs are/are going to be (along with your captain skills). it's expensive, mind-the prices ARE pretty high for each piece if you do it that way, but the gear is often worth the hassle.

EVEN minus extra powers from "Set bonuses".

*everything else in this case referencing "Birds of Prey". BoP reflexes and build layouts usually don't work with anything else, due to the Uni consoles, turn rates etc.
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."