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12-07-2012, 11:14 AM
Depends on which timeline Q pulls them from, the one where Lucas has it satisfyingly vague in a zen mysticism sort of way, or the one where Lucas has two decades to think about how to screw up what he made and gets irritatingly specific. Obi Wan McGuinnes describing it as an energy field or the one with Qwi Gon Neeson prattling about midichlorians?

The movies, and therefore canon, suggest that the force can be localized in strength or composition, which supports the expanded universe which contains locations and people which are dead to the force, locations in which Jedi cannot access the force and races which are "force immune." This suggests that a handful of Jedi who were bamfed into the ST universe would find themselves cut off from the force, and would likely lop off their own toes the moment they activated their lightsaber.

Or Q could just be like "**** it, it was funny to have Picard meet Xavier, midichlorians for everybody!"

Final result: "Sorry, Troi, we're all empaths now, go crash a different starship."