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# 7 Transwarp to K7, a solution!
12-07-2012, 11:31 AM
About 2 weeks ago, I reached the Consul title (Diplomatic Rank 2). This rank is supposed to come with 15000 diplomatic xp, then you become Consul, gets a green quality Doff and a transwarp ability to DS-K7.
I got all but the transwarp ability to DS-K7 !!!

Then I tried to get to the station at normal impulse speed hoping it could unlock the thing... No way!
There after, I thought that Jiro Sugihara could do so at Earth Space Dock... No way!
I tried to relog... No way!

Then I decided to submit a ticket, GM Sideiron got in charge with my problem.. After several exchanges with him the solution has been found with a Respec token I was granted. This is also called Retrain token (and it is disposable at C-store for 500 Zen, in "Services" tab)
This Respec token can be used on 2 places:
- You can consume it with Lt Cmdr Okret at the center of Earth Space Dock
- You can also get it used in your Character skills board with a "Respec" button bottom right of the skill board.