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12-07-2012, 11:58 AM
Funny how they now have a gate at the other race starting line for people to queue.. but no one waits behind others who were already there.

Anyone else find they get commodities from other instances killing the fat arse snowman?

I just get used to the new updates (problems I guess) then another patch comes around and I just don't feel like playing once again. I look at all the new gear etc and think in a months time there will just be something else that is the must have... I guess a 'free' (grind a lot) ship is a bit strange... I was thinking of getting it on may be 2 or 3 toons but it is just another ship.

I just wish all the 'known' bugs would get fixed. File report on Fleet Starbase for example still can't select Assault doff.. not that it matters but wheres the fix? Don't care.. Just like this race bug will probably take a week or two whilst they alienate players who actually try and do the race as it should be.

The new map looks nicer than last year but it would be better spending time on other things rather than getting players back just for Xmas.