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12-07-2012, 12:28 PM
Originally Posted by crypticcliff View Post
Even if the software was written maliciously, with the intent to crash (which it wasn't), the kernel side of the driver should simply not be able to crash regardless of what bad input is fed into it through DirectX. We HAVE seen plenty of crashes on the user-mode side of the driver, some of which have been our fault and some of which have been faulty drivers, but this is different.

The reason we're seeing it now is that legitimate shader changes in Season 7 may be causing a driver issue to manifest itself that was not before.

One way or another, the issue is happening within the kernel mode driver - something we don't have access to in order to debug. Only Intel can fix that. Even in the case where there's bad code on the side of Cryptic's engine, the only way a crash like this can happen is if there is ALSO bad code in Intel's driver.
I know what the problem is with this I've had it on this back up computer thats sort of on its last leg where a portion of the motherboard got overheated a few years ago. The problem is which the OP probally has is that is one of their plugins is constantly crashing like this PC I have does where the screen will go black and once the plugin restarts it will then start functioning normally. Sometimes what I have to do is reinstall the flash plugins when this happens frequently.