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# 3450 To the Devs
12-07-2012, 01:45 PM
First off if the devs are reading this thanks for finally making stfs a challenge but it is at par, if u increase the npc damage any higher no matter what ship is out there it will pop in a single hit.

To list My first suggestion (short term improvement i would like to see in the game)

fix the graphic gliches in stfs, aka 'the invisible heavy torpedo spread' and the invisible plasma beams on the gates, the weapons are fine but it has to be visible, at least. how can it be dealt with if 95% of the time u cant even see it period.

Mid term improvement is actually a few ship request/suggestion:

1. a cruiser for the fed side only, with the following stats:
a- can not load cannons
b- 3 tac consoles, 3 eng consoles, 3 sci consoles
c- 1 Commander slot (universal), 3 Lt.Commander slots (Universal), 1 Lt. slot (universal)
d- 4 weapon slot fore and 4 weapon slots aft
e- a ship-bound device with mode switching with 3 modes, +15 weapon power, +15 shield power, +10 Aux power +5 engine power.
f- 45000 hull strength
g- 1.2 shield modifier
h- base turn rate 8

make it a zen store item, this ship would easily be worth while to get for anyone on the fed side that likes cruisers but is sick and tired of the fact that there are so few good option (either the oddy, lock box ships or fleet ships)

2. a heavy carrier fed side only, with the following stats
a- can load cannons
b- 2 tac consoles, 4 eng consoles, 4 sci consoles
c- 4 weapon slot fore and 4 weapon slots aft
d- 2 hanger bays
e- 1 Commander Eng slot, 1 Lt.Commander Eng slot, 1 Lt.Commander Sci slot, 1 Lt. Tac slot, 1 Ensign slot (universal)
f- 1 ship-bound console Quantum Lance Weapon.that runs from Aux and particle generators and does 1000 base kinetic damage, and has a 4 minute non sharing cooldown.
g-base turn rate 4
h- hull strength 42500
i- shield modifier 1.2
j- +5 to all sub systems

this could again be a zen store lvl 50 item, finally adding a third fed side carrier to the game. and an engineering support vessel to boot.

3. a Heavy Raptor KDF only, with the following stats
a- can load cannons
b- 4 tac consoles, 2 eng consoles, 4 sci consoles
c- 1 Commander Tac slot, 1 Lt.Commander Tac slot, 1 Lt. command sci slot, 2 Lt. slots (universal)
d- base hull 30000
e- shield modifier 1
f- 4 for weapons, 3 aft weapons
g- +15 to weapons
h-base turn rate 14
i- can cloak

This can also be a zen store item as there are no lvl 50 raptors on the KDF which is the side that orignally developed the concept.

Long term improvement would be a proper story campaign addition to the game regarding an Iconian invasion into Tau Dewa and Iota Pavonis sectors.