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12-07-2012, 01:07 PM
My hangar suggestion. From what I know about every ship i the ST universe, they all have the ability to carry shuttles, and you would be hard pressed to find one that did not. So my suggestion is that every ship be given the ability the carry shuttles, while only the current carrier ships can have fighters. Now to not devalue all of the current carrier ships, give them an extra hangar bay to make up for the fact. To balance out everyone sending fighters and shuttles into combat, make it so when you lose a fighter and or shuttle, you get an injured crew member in return that goes to sick bay. Another suggestion is to allow the hangar launch to be automated if chosen so every 25 seconds fighters or shuttles are automatically launched for you.

My last idea is to allow people to customize the fighters and shuttles they have in their hangar, so when you equip them, under your crew tab the shuttle or fighter shows up and you can change what weapons and such it has. For example have the standard Peregrine fighter only have 2 weapon slots but the advanced has 3 that you can customize.

PS. can you make it so fighters fly away from a ship after it is destroyed so the warp core breach does not kill them.

So to sum it up.

Short term
-every ship gets a hangar, or an additional hangar
-only current carriers can mount fighters
-crew loss for losing a fighter in combat

Mid term
-make fighters and shuttles a little smarter so they avoid warp core breaches and such
-hangar auto launch system

Long term
-hanger ship customizations