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12-07-2012, 01:23 PM
I find this odd as well.

400-day player (paying customer), approximately 26+ days playing time. Buy way-too many Zen

My internet connection is as stable as any can be, cable-based on a strong backbone based in Vancouver BC.

Seasons Five & Six - not a single disconnect other that me leaving the computer and timing out.

Since Season Seven started, I have been experiencing increasing server time-outs and disconnects. The average is 2-5x per session. The timing the of the disconnects varies, as I play at different times of the day between projects. Mid-day, PST is the worst.

Today I was disconnected 5x consecutively estimated between 1130 and 1246 hrs, PST.

In the real world I work with SaaS projects. Disconnects with our products are rare, but occur during times of unusually high connectivity. My instincts tell me that increased access (time of day, Season 7, Winter Wonderland and recent good press) is the culprit here. Systems like this are rarely used to the maximum, but there are always times when the system is overtaxed.

Good to see increased access. It's a positive sign for the growth of Star Trek Online. I't a good problem to have.

Being a paying customer, this frustrates me. Although STO is hardly mission critical software - ie my business would slow or fail without access, it is to me mission critical for my happiness. Yes, I'm addicted. Having a foot in their camp so to speak, I also understand the balance between overall performance, the downsides of priority access and the unreasonable overhead that ultimately entails.

My grammar aside, you really should do something about this.

Addendum: 1335 hrs connectivity stable again. I should really not watch Sherlock while playing Star Trek. There's a thought... reintroduce Moriarty!

Admiral Thrax

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