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Originally Posted by errab View Post
That ship can wreak havoc if you went with a power draining approach.

Load up the Leach Console and the Acton Assimilator Console along with the vessels own special console.

I'd go with a BO line up like this:

Commander Tactical TT1, Hy2, TSS3, CRF3

Lt. Tactical TT1, ApB1

Lt. Engineering EpTa1, A2sif1

Lt. Commander Science ST1, TR1, TSS3

Ensign EPTS1
I was thinking something along this line as well.

Although, I will not be making any Breen comfortable aboard anytime soon. I'm going to have to change the environmental controls to boost that interior temperature several... dozen degrees before I step foot in it.

and that winter "wonderland" isn't any better...