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Horizon, you know I luv ya buddy, so know that I'm not attacking you personally. I'm just throwing out a counter argument to encourage discussion on how the community can overcome the games deficiencies.

Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post
How about this. Use the Horizon Accords as a basis.

Governing bodies will not work. As power struggles will rise. And rank come into play.

correct me if I'm wrong (it's been known to happen), but doesn't an accord require a governing body? If not a governing body to mange the accord, then a group of people to reach the accord. In this case, a vote of people's opinions would be needed, correct? If not, then it's a dictatorship that creates the accord?

As I stated before, no ranks and no more power than the next guys vote

Influence the community through your own actions and words.

im trying...;-)

Voting has proven to fail at almost every turn in the history of governing bodies. It brings in the risk of the uniformed masses making decisions for the whole.

first off, every system is subject to human error. You can argue power hungry individual that abuse a system is human error. To have no system at al is lawlessness and anarchy.

Again, if voting whether official or by simply weighing everyone opinions for an agreement IS essential for an accord to be for the people.

Edit: and history has taught us that the persons in power of such organizations have a tndancy to use that power to divisive means.

This is Star Trek

star trek revolves around the federation which seems to embody exactly what I'm talking about here.

Be an individual. Stand for yourself. Prove yourself. It will prove beneficial to the situation as a whole. And has been proven to work throughout history.
Just because you are part of something that's bigger than yourself doesn't mean you can be an individual, stand for yourself (different than "by yourself"), and that you can't prove yourself. How many different organizations throughout history has had stars rise from the ranks. Whether in sports, government, or a fleet/guild