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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
Only prob is that it has a hell of a lot of weapon slots. Do torps and mines still share cooldowns?
Neither share them, but Mines trigger a 12s shared CD.

With 3x PWO(Torp), it's kind of funny how fast you can fire Rapid Trans. Heck, even slower torps go pretty fast. There's an activation timer on firing each, but it's not like...

Mines though - hit Mine A, it's 12s before you can hit Mine B. Even if you reduce the recharge, you're still stuck with that pesky 12s triggered CD.

Also, with TS and THY - you can hit say TS, not fire the torp - the triggered CD on THY will expire before the TS buff does. You can fire a TS and THY at the "same" time if you have two different launchers - only the activation timer (0.5s/1.0s) will separate them.

You can actually pull the following off with proper timing (I just checked to make sure it still worked) with three torps (I did it with plasma):

Hit THY, but don't fire it. It starts the 30s buff countdown and triggers the 15s shared CD on TS.

When the triggered 15s CD finishes on TS, hit it. Don't fire yet though.

The next part's important. You either need a torp on your actionbar or the weapons block showing. The actionbar's going to show the 30s TS buff counting down and the triggered 15s CD on THY. The torps themselves though, will show how much time is left on the original THY buff. When that gets down to 5-4s, then fire.

The first torp will fire - a THY'd torp.
About .5-1s later, the second torp will fire - a TS'd torp.
You'll have 1-2s left on the triggered CD from TS on the THY.
So after 1-2s, you can fire another THY'd torp.

Within a period of 3-5 seconds, you can fire a THY - a TS - and a second THY.

I used to run 3x Rapid Trans and a Breen Cluster.

And don't forget, in regard to the PWO-Torp DOFFs - they work like AtB.

Again, using the three plasma torp example above:

Torp A fires - has chance to reduce recharge from PWO-T DOFF(s).
Torp B fires - has chance to reduce recharge for Torp B and Torp A.
Torp C fires - has chance to reduce recharge for Torp C, Torp B, and Torp A.
Torp A fires - has chance to reduce recharge for Torp A, Torp B, and Torp C.

Even with 3 PWO-Ts (Green), you can find them triggering out of sync because of this.

Torp A, Torp B, Torp C, Torp A, Torp B, Torp A, Torp B, Torp A, Torp B, Torp C, etc, etc, etc - depending on if/when the PWO-Ts trigger.

Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
I think it's still a bit of a troll build for Tacs because they can't really spike and they're too easily counterable. Also isn't much of a team option since you can't nuke off most hull hardens.
The ship I used to fly was a Fleet Escort, back when the Patrol was the Fleet. I actually ran a Borg/Breen 2+2 for the bonus damage to the Trans. 3 Rapid Trans and a Cluster up front, a Trans Mine, a Rapid, and a Cluster aft. I used a Sci captain for the Sensor Scan debuff and the Subnuke strip.

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