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Originally Posted by aurigas7 View Post
Since the question pops up why a tac captain should fly a Tor'kaht here is my answer for PvE:

I can hold aggro from Donatra without a single point in thread control. Mostly with MK XI dispruptors. That I can do with my Raptor, too.
Then I can kite (and tank !) her till she pops. Can't do that with my Raptor, nor have I ever seen a "tanky" cruiser holding aggro vs. my Raptor.
For PvE, you just need "enough" tank. No brownie points for overtanking. On the other hand, you can never have too much damage.
An engineer with thread control may be able to tank and hold aggro, but he will do less damage.
The (sad) truth for PvE is, you don't need a specialized tank class to hold aggro and stay alive. You don't need a specialized healer class either.
Same can be applied to the probes in cure. With an escort/BoP I position myself carefully below the cube, so it can't hit me. With my battlecruiser, I just tank the fecking cube and use the full potential of my cannons at short range.

Since I run mostly with PuG's, I don't count on support from teammates.

I'm a tac in cruiser, and I do more damage than most engineers in escorts. What do you play ?
I was on the fence about getting the Tor'Kaht for my TAC (who does just fine on her B'rel BOP) but this post (specially his closing line) just sealed the deal for me.

It's off to the shipyards tonight and I'm in the market for a new shiny Fleet battlecruiser!