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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
That's kinda interesting, thanks for posting it.

When you're running triple torp DOffs, don't you end up hitting the torp ceiling, though? (Two seconds, I think). If I remember right the rapid reload launcher won't push any further.
I usually run 2 - not sure why I stuck 3 in there (I have like six of them, every time I get a DOFF lately - it's a freaking green PWO DOFF).

Let me check though...


Had them going from 3s remaining on the recharge to activating again.

You do run into the activation timer though.

If Torp A's firing, Torp B can't fire. It's that rough 0.5s activation. You can count them off firing 1-Missippi, 2-Missippi, 3-Missippi... torp, torp, torp.

Again, that's with 8s recharge plasma using 20% -3s recharge DOFFs (x3).

I'm going to drop it down to 2 of the DOFFs. Wasn't as smooth with 2 as 3...pesky 20%. However, it did allow me to confirm that both of them could trigger on the same torp. Couldn't tell with three, since they were just chewing away the recharge. With 2, was able to see the recharge go from 6s to activating.

Heh, course - I'm going to need more caffeine to do any more tests. I was watching the timers over to the side and not paying attention to the fact my front shield was gone and I was down to 13%

edit: An issue I ran into with 4 torps was the 4th never fired. Probably the reason I went with the Breen on my Trannie previously. I'm not sure what the CD is on the Romulan Hyper-Plasma torp and don't know if the PWO-T affects the recharge on the Omega torp.

It's kind of annoying with the PWO-T DOFFs as well White 20% 2s, Green 20% 3s, Blue 20% 4s (not sure what Purp is - looked on STOwiki - 20% 5s). So Blues would throw it off - likely the 3rd torp not firing. But since it's still a 20%, you'd lose the smoothness even if you were running better quality but fewer. Given that activation timer - 3 White might even be better than 3 Green for those plasma torps.

I might grab some Rapid Trans - because I just ran two Greens with 3 Rapids and I believe it was smooth.

Against all the shield healing that goes on, I'm not sure about how anything but Trans would actually work out.

Though, this has me wondering about setting up that THY-TS-THY alpha by opening with a BO and using Quantums... how something like that might work against a beefier target (as long as the BO doesn't shoot wide right, meh).

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