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Originally Posted by clannmac View Post
Nice post - well said!
Thank you.

Originally Posted by walkincrow View Post
The new outfits and accessories look really nice, the brown winter long coat in particular. It would go perfect with a Malcolm Reynolds named toon.
OOOooooOOOOoooh. A Captain Tight Pants-look, eh? Good idea.

As much as I love the fashion, I have to admit I'm slightly annoyed at having to buy separate colors and styles for each toon; moreso that I can't control the colors myself. Would have preferred there just be three jacket styles (long, short, cropped) that could be made any color I wanted in the way that regular clothes can be modified (I would love a red and white, all blue, or all yellow jacket, for example).

Likewise on the new 2012 scarf. I wish it wasn't color locked in bright-blue.

C'est la vie. Not really complaining, as it's not that big of a deal... But the locked clothing colors are my least favorite thing about the new Winter Wonderland. Just sayin'

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