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Originally Posted by daveyny View Post
They really NEED to give us a separate 'Holding Tank' if They are going to continue to make the tribbles in this manner... There was a wonderful thread back in the Cryptic Forums that described in very good detail, a whole set up for Tribble Breeding mechanic/player storage for the game...
I couldn't agree more. I think you are referring to a wonderful post back in Feb 2011, by JPJappic, in regards to what he called the "Tribble Terrarium". The thread is "archived" here, unfortunately the cool mock-up picture he made of it is a dead link.

I like Eris' idea of more Device slots. That would be great, in general. However, I would really like a separate Terrarium in which I could store/display my many tribbles, and as with Cincsac - I would would pay zen to get it.

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