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Like I said, it's a stretch, and I know it. Cryptic really has left us with little hope though. Pipe dreams are about all we have left.

As far as devs go for pvp, we have had devs in the past and the last one WAS on TS. How much change did we see? Now we have bort who started out strong, but season 7's Been out for awhile now, and besides him encouraging us to enjoy voldy, what has changed lately? I seem to remember him agreeing with me that every ability should have a counter, so they were going to get a counter worked out for the temporal set time freeze. Whats the progress on that? Wasn't the excuse of how busy they were to release s7 thrown around a lot a month ago? So what are they working on now exactly?

I guess I'd like to think that we as a community can stretch ourselves to create the type of environment we'd like to see. I hate just throwing our hands up and saying "nothing we can do". An outsider looking in on an idea such as this would probably say, "it's a bunch of gamers, what do you expect?" I know this community though, and I DO expect more from this community than most other games because of how unique this community is compared to most games. To say we don't have the ability as a group to make a change means our voices mean nothing. I refuse to believe that. Of course cryptic can do a better job, but so can we.


Sorry for the rant. This was all brought on by horizons post. My first reaction was "this has never worked before, why would it work now?" Then I got kinda pissed off and thought "why the hell should we need an accord anyway. If cryptic would just do their jobs...". It then turned into "we'll there obviously not going to do their jobs, and why the hell couldn't we make things nicer for ourselves? This community has some great kinds in it. Some truly brilliant people. If this community couldn't pull it off, could any in the gaming industry do it? Is this a stereotype that fits this industry?"

/end disclaimer

ECM online tonight??

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