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12-07-2012, 05:32 PM
Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
LMAO!!!!!! dude again your on some good crack. dont you know dope is bad for you? i never made a vid but that title is lulz. its actually true tho. but ty for that info im going to google it. as i keep saying i knew you from the days when u and ur m8 would roll up with target engines 3 and tractors. i never said anything about you. i have never metioned your name either. and if your not the trip im thinking of then i could care even less about you at this point.

but for the real question, is a tuffi freighter better then nova core? i believe so.

LMAO!!!!!!! brokenmirror. dude im not zryo. but ty for calling out the wrong person. dont you feel dumb.......... thats the link. notice who made it. im broken1981, thats zryo moron
Originally Posted by tripwire690 View Post
Well thank you for linking the video. That is in fact the video I was talking about and I now see that Broken1981 is not the Broken responsible in this video. So for the accusation I made before I apologize to Broken1981. It still however does not change the fact that he has been overly malicious towards me personally. Which is why I made mention of him in my post. I am still willing to have a conversation with Broken1981 as long as it is an intelligent and constructive one. But if he'd rather just sling mud....well then. There is nothing wrong with Dual Heavy diplomacy.
Just to put my statement in the proper context and to display to anyone still reading this thread how malicious you actually are and how unconstructive you continue to be. Notice there is an apology directed to you in my reply. It's called humility. Men usually develop it after their balls drop, they muscle up a moustache... oh.... and grow up.

Let no other player discourage you from what you believe you can achieve in PvP. Though you may walk alone through looming shadows of doubt cast upon you by your enemies. Forge your heart with iron casting its shape out of only your pure will to push forward. You will not be denied eventually.