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Originally Posted by tripwire690 View Post
Indeed. It is a constructive effort to do the right thing. Which is far more than I can say for a select few who have responded to this post. We can and we are working on discouraging the use of things that have a negative impact on pvp games. At no point have I said that Nova Core would not. Again, we cannot force our members to do anything. If there is anyone who cannot understand that then it will simply have to be layed to rest as a personal problem.
Is that so? Perhaps I misunderstood. You see, I believe that this statement that you cannot do anything to force your members to comply will appear rather lazy, if not hypocritical. While it is a fact, it may be better to emphasise that the fleet will at least encourage its members to avoid the use of certain types of P2W. While Nova Core does appear to have a previously tarnished reputation, I'm willing to wait on the results, and I look forward to seeing anyone in the queues (despite my level of competency, which is abysmal).

A suggestion, anyway: Have a certain group or cadre within your fleet which agrees to minimise the use of P2W and yet be seen as capable by the rest of the PvP community. This small group will serve as a sort of 'proving ground' for strategies or builds which do not rely on P2W, and serve as examples to follow. However, any criticism must be taken seriously. In other words, while you cannot enforce your stand over the entire fleet, I believe that at least some of your members would agree to such a position, and if I may say so, "put their money where their mouth is". This, I believe, would serve as some proof that Nova Core is serious about making PvP better.