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Dear hardcore Linux users:

Please make note of the following: For multiple reasons I needed to run Linux. I was ecstatic when I discovered the forums and etc. information.

It took me a little time, please allow me the opportunity to share what I have experienced thus far.

Ubuntu is so solid.

I found that Wine 1.4 is crucial. Follow the instructions for the fonts / other programs / IE7 etc. and so forth. IE works awesome for the loader. It does crash if you launch a window to the STO forums or whatever in the Wine window. Just use your normal linux setup.

I found that I needed to also install PLAYONLINUX and make sure playonlinux was the initiator of the STO .exe file which runs in Wine 1.4. As opposed to Wine as the initiator - it just did not work for me. Wine can be configured through PlayOnLinux and note: an .exe can be isolated from Wine but you may not want this.

I personally preferred a Window 1600x1000 but I am playing on a nice flatscreen. I also wanted access to the web while in game and consequently do not limit my mouse settings to the window only in the Wine Settings.

P.S. I tried to a failure to update the video for ubuntu and could only go so far without a complete loss of X. My video settings are minimal for aesthetics and maximum for performance.

It now takes approximately 120 seconds to initially get in game. Once the maps patch on demand, the game and the maps move nearly as quickly as if a winblows machine. I am a life member and started sometime after Beta. This last time I was off game for many months. Once I went to many of the maps, performance increased and nicely.

I notice lag occasionally: stf maps sometimes, New Romulus which is seemingly and notably popular right now. Less demanding maps have been stable. I have had SNR server not responding only three times for a short while, only once was I dropped.

One thing that frustrates me and I do not have a solution at this time nor have seen on the forums or elsewhere: I will lose access to # keys on both keyboard and keypad at random. It has happened 3 times in two weeks. Please note: for key bind powers 0-9, the number keylock must be OFF but to type numbers in the chat, the lock must be ON. Loss of keys has in no way affected the letter keys, ever. Mouse clicking on powers is the usual repetitive and annoying process I experienced on the other OS.

My game play is rusty but not bad. A few stfs with some professionals and I held my own ok according to some good remarks from team players.

My primary toon is Dot@aokdot ---- by all means if I can help you make this work I will. I was dang determined to make this happen without having to purchase a full copy of the other OS. Are there some trade offs? Yes but I believe them to be tolerable. Once in a while, maybe one in 4 times it closes a little rough and has to do a file check on the next restart. Not too big a deal I think.

Thank you, I hope I helped a little and I was grateful for those who communicated ideas also.

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