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12-07-2012, 09:04 PM
360 Space: Honestly to me trek didn't really seem to emphasis the 3d nature of space all that much. Even in the big dominion war battles all the ships just formed into 'lines' and shoot one another, even the weapon systems are designed with that in mind for the most part. So no I think the current engine works well enough for a star trek feel albeit at the cost of a flight sim feel.

Pacing: I'd have to say the pacing felt perfect between levels 20 and 30, even up to 40 for the most part. At those levels your shields didn't fall to a single shot without three abilities active and you had to ration your abilities instead of simply spamming them. In addition you had the time to change your shield facings and reinforce them in combat instead of relying or nearly requiring tac team like you do at end game. I blame poor scaling in how much your ability to increase your resistances and heal increasing dramatically while your overall total shield and hull amounts don't really go up by much. All just IMHO.