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12-07-2012, 09:18 PM
Originally Posted by futurecaptain View Post
/re tard tool ftw : )

Also u people act like they are gonna work on this kind of thing. For god sakes they can't even balance regular pvp powers let alone p2w ones. You can't even get a new pvp map. Are you people that delusional to think this is something they are gonna work on? LMFAO!
look who it is the window liker him self get a clue man you are the log-out joke of all sto even rpers will rp clown you! Only reason you are not muted or kicked out of the opvp chan is everyone likes to troll you and watch you nerd-rage over something as simple as subnuke and tb like Mikey.

Hope when you quit Mikey comes back so i will have someone to fill my qq core!

There is nothing wrong with putting out suggestions to the devs you are just afraid they might nerf your signature move of logout fail and afk boting...