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# 16 Post-Season 7 Crashing
12-07-2012, 11:17 PM
Ever since Season 7 went live and patched, the game has started crashing randomly for me too. It can happen the second I hit the loading screen, or it could wait 5 minutes and then collapse. I have verified all files every time, nothing changed. I disabled on-demand patching as always, no change. I uninstalled the entire game, re-installed the whole thing, and re-patched the whole game, it still crashes. Every time it crashed it would give a "Fatal System Error" message. These messages would often mention something about an error while creating a 2D texture, or a malfunction with Direct3D support. Then I would get the Cryptic Crash handler, and I would file a report. I have sent easily 22 messages literally at this point; I continue to have problems.

I am also running Windows 7, 64-bit. Intel i5 Dual core, 4GB RAM, NVIDIA graphics card. I have DirectX 11 installed and was using the 11 Beta in the Troubleshooting section of the Video settings until this error. Then I switched back to DirectX 9, but it didn't help.

A final note, for the brief few minutes I can play before crashing, I've noticed the graphical level I can play the game at has suddenly plummeted. I could play the game at a customized high with great looks and sped until Season7, and now beofre the crashing i am choppy at even the Low level.