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# 1 Looking for a fleet
12-08-2012, 12:39 AM
So here is what I'm looking for.

1. Elite Vendors "Been Drooling over that xiii sniper rifle"
2. Some one to chat with. "I get board with just wasting baddys in starbase 24"
3. At least a semi mature group 18+ "Kids whining annoy me"

What I offer.

1. Mission help if not occupied with other stuff
2. Starbase donations exp,marks and items "sorry dilithium is mine"
3. Payday I can use ts vent or if i have too mumble "shudders"
4. A dark and twisted sence of humor.

Now for the bad.
1. I work Weard and strange hours "currently 11pm to 7am pst -1"
2. I wonder off from time to time with out telling any one. "smoke breaks Food"
3. Due to work I've Been known to dissipeer for a week or 2 "Gets snowed in"

if this interests you or your fleet let me know.