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Originally Posted by purvee1 View Post
You'e worried that you'll be as effective as panda's love spuds in a Varnaus?

Well fear not my Tactical Gorn flies the only Gorn ship option open to him, a Varnaus. Properly speced it produces an amzaing ammount of Tankyness, with decent attack options.

Granted I've thrown some Zen at it, but with those options on stream I can do several things.
1: Tank enough to concentrate on priority targets (such as Nanite Probes in Infected), while happilly ignoring the Spheres.
2: Do enough crowd control and damage for the same. Granted there are times when you feel the lack ofDPS, and this is my only complaint with the ship. But slinging gravity wells around with gay abandon makes up for it.
3: Support the other ships. To be honest just keep throwing platforms out the back and the Support role will more than take care of itself. If however you want to go the extra mile you've got so many slots of Hazard emitters and TSS that its not a difficulty.

The Varnaus herself is quite nimble so as a tactical you can easilly keep her guns on target, to the extent I use Cannons (I did try beam banks, but although I could keep them pointing towards the enemy I just felt they were less effective than the cannons).
As she can turn, remember that you need to be pointing your nose towards the enemy for most of your powers. Equally Torpedo's comeo ut that way, so you might as well go for a front facing weapon selection, leave the braodsides at home, is what I'm trying to say.

I did try a plasma torpedo only build*, and that worked surprisingly well. It provided a steady constant stream of damage. The only issue I had was it lacked burst damage, and that screwed me over in a few Timed missions. Yes I was going to win, just not in the time limit. So I went with a slightly more conventinonal set up.
I did try the Borg cutting beam as well, but for my build a torpedo is much better.

Roll on the Fleet Varnaus!

*It worked off the principle of direct damage ot the hull, so Gravity wells + Plasma fire.
I'd be interested to see your build and ship set up, Im considering a Varanus to replace my B'rel Retrofit.