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12-08-2012, 02:50 AM
writing forum posts in a pissed off mood is never a good idea. What i do not understand is how needing on stuff has anything to do with reaching the bonus objective? and getting pissed about 15 omega marks hardly justifys your rage post.

So where they afk? did they sabotage the bonus objective on purpose? Did they have multiple injuries from the start? Those are maybe reasons to kick somebody should this feature ever be implemented...needing on items is hardly that big of an offense to justifiy being kicked.

Just to be clear, i need on everything too...but i pull my own weight + 1 more in each and every elite stf.

If it was only because they needed stuff, and nothing else...then ignore what i wrote above, you obviously have some anger issues and a forum post will not fix that, probably will make it worse.
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